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Mar 23 2012

"Here I am: Captain Yeast Infection! Making you uncomfortable no matter what you wear."

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And the reveal:

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(note to Americans: Marmite is a repulsive dark brown paste, made from yeast extract, that cerain poor, misguided Brits enjoy on their toast.)
KAREN: Captain Yeast Infection!
ADAM: Ew. That's not nice. Why would you say that?
KAREN: You think I came up with that?
ADAM: Oh. I'm sorry, that's quite nasty. I apologize.
KAREN: He has the power to make you uncomfortable in anything you wear.
ADAM: What's his nemesis, Yogurt Man?
KAREN: (giggles)
ADAM: I suppose he could have a sidekick, Marmite Boy.
KAREN: (laughs, questioningly)
ADAM: Marmite being yeast extract.
KAREN: I'll be honest, I was trying to figure it out.
ADAM: Yes, if you happen to have, um, problems in that department, you're meant to steer clear of marmite.
KAREN: Hmm. So you shouldn't spread marmite around down there.
ADAM: Probably peanut butter would be better.
KAREN: Why peanut butter?
ADAM: It just... I don't know...
KAREN: Soothing, maybe.
ADAM: I think so.


  1. Just for future reference: Garlic. Apparently putting a garlic clove at the, uh, site of infection gets rid of it rather quickly.

    1. I would think putting garlic down there would get rid of a lot of things. Like the possibility of oral sex for the next couple weeks.

    2. Apparently all-natural greek yoghurt works much better. But make sure it's no sugar added, because sugar will just worsen the problem...

  2. Greatest reveal chat ever.

  3. Marmite rocks! on toast with a little butter..and sometimes cheese, Mmmm ,no I'm not from the UK but I love the stuff :D

  4. Sounds like a great idea for a comic strip The Adventures of Captain Yeast Infection and Marmite Boy!

  5. Captain Yeast Infection's nemesis is not Yogurt Man, it's Yogurt Woman! And like Batman and Catwoman or Poison Ivy, it's a love/hate relationship.

  6. Thanks Adam & Karen. You mention marmite, I start thinking of vegimite, and next thing you know I have Land Down Under stuck in my head!

    BTW - That one dude from Men At Work looks an awful lot like the 9th Doctor.

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  8. And the poor, misguided Kiwi's in Christchurch have to go without because the factory closed down, and people started selling their jars and half-used jars on Trade-me. (Like a New-Zealand based eBay)


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