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May 23 2012

"Shhhhh! Why can't you midgets talk more fucking quietly?! I hate small talk."

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Ugh. Now that is the sort of pun I'd usually hear from my dad.
"I'm an advocate for hermit crab politics."
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Anyone have any theories about this one?


  1. I can think of two things... 1) "look at me, I am a crab" and then when something gets scary - - no sign of them because they are all up in that shell and / or 2) the whole "I'll take that, it is mine" attitude like they do with shells

  2. Maybe he's speaking out against the Hermit Crab Homeowner Association dues and the strict guidelines of what color their "houses" can be. HOAs here in the states need someone like that... But, y'know, for the people instead of crabs.

  3. battle ships - - - forging ahead - - -or clamming up - - -24 May 2012 at 03:28

    that wuz scenerio...
    'small talkers' retort may be Shhhhh___t/p(eesh!) to sleep talkins'BIG talkin'over to'em (in a movie theatre? (can you hear the echo) in voicing his annoyed displeasure; but their mighty mingling in a line waiting per se, while STM must be beside himself may (that's a BIG MaYbe) less inclined if he was invited to join in, or rather that probably wouldn't do- in this state of deep consciousness, i gather a crabby mood at that would be hard to be correct here.

    i even th!nk one does recognize the cue when the other perS(TM)ons wants the conversation to stop in some sudden way he.ever impolitely expressed, i wonder what the outcome, maybe mending middletalk? i better stand hermitcally zipped on this one, who am i to say, cause that dream sequench is over for another New Dayze it goes

  4. Hermit crabs outgrow their shells and move to bigger ones. It could be hermit crab realtor politics

  5. I can think of two things... 1) "look at me, I am a crab" and then when something gets scary - - no sign of them because they are all up in that shell and / or 2) the whole "I'll take that, it is mine" attitude like they do with shells

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