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May 30 2012

"This is not my box. No. Not my box. It doesn't even look like my box. It's your box. This is not my box! (whining pathetically) My box is missing. I CAN'T FIND IT!… Hello? Hello? Is this the home for missing boxes? I've lost my box. Have you got my box? Where's my box?"

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Poor thing. It just really makes you want to find him any box at all, doesn't it?

And here is the reveal:

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RECORDING: Is this the home for missing boxes?
RECORDING: I've lot my box. Have you got my box?
ADAM: We'll never know if they had his box.
KAREN: It's so sad!
ADAM: It'd be funny if they ask him to describe it.
KAREN: It's light brown, it's cube-shaped—
ADAM: Yeah.
KAREN: —made of cardboard.
RECORDING: I've lost my box. Have you got my box? Where's my box?
ADAM: He's given up on his box.
KAREN: I don't think so.
ADAM: Yeah. The truth of the matter is he probably left his box outside in the rain, and now it's paper-mache.
ADAM: Yeah.
KAREN: But he could make a pretty mask out of it then.
ADAM: But he wants a box.
KAREN: Oh my god, I have a brilliant idea! He could take it and use it to make a paper-mache box!
ADAM: ... No.


  1. *pat, pat* It's going to be okay, STM. We'll find your box.

  2. Is someone looking for a box? I think I found one that matches the description? Where can I collect my reward money?

  3. You two realise everyone you know will bring you boxes now? They will think it is clever and amusing. Your home will fill with boxes. Enjoy! :P

  4. It might not be made of cardboard. Maybe it's a wooden box with mother of pearl inlay and pretty carvings. And maybe when you open it it plays You're So Vain.

  5. Ok, sing with me: MacArthur's box is melting in the dark...
    *pat*pat*pat* Poor STM!

    1. He left it out in the rain? He'll never have that box again.

  6. Never worry STM we have Maru looking for your box!

  7. Is it any of these?

  8. Teenage Whatever30 May 2012 at 17:39

    Karen, how did you get people to first come to the STM site? I just made my own blog last night ( if anyone wants to check it out) and I have no idea how to draw people to it.


    ~ Teenage Whatever

  9. maybe it landed in storage wars, no...maybe not......ummmm,.may be. . .31 May 2012 at 01:35

    I'm terribly sorry to say...Mr. Sleep Talkin'Man...

    your BIG TALKIN'Rock'it Box that was discovered with your draining Iphone inside (no doubt fallen while you were packing away in a sleep induced muzeical-frenzy) and that special gift heavily wrapped within a big bow amazingly attached in good order; was discovered to have travelled long distances --- from ship to shore to shore missing it's obvious destinations due to illegible addressing gibberish it seemes from the ravages of time moisture...and was attempted to be returned to investigation was made regarding the unusual nature of the gift undoubtly being the depth of your search moves may wish to reattempt delovery in another dream sequel if plausible, in a more secured manner, with ductape... i trust this finds THEBOX being closed.
    signed,sealed & delivered back to homebase.
    sleep dreams now.
    ".don't let the rain come down.tears on your pillow.don't let the bedbugs bite."

  10. Karen, I must say I find it amusing how you attempt to pronounce "paper-mache" the same way Adam does.

  11. i'm sensing a new T-Shirt (: "I've lost my box. Have you got my box? Where's my box?"

    hahaha. great one!

  12. I think STM is a Doctor Who fan. The box he's lost and is looking for is clearly the TARDIS!

  13. Oh my god, I have a brilliant idea! He could take it and use it to make a paper-mache box!

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