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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Jun 25 2012

"My eyeballs are sticky. Will you lick them for me? Yeah. Make sure you get all the way into the tear ducts. Mmmm."

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On Saturday night, we had an exciting first-time occurrence. I actually had a conversation with an Adam/STM hybrid. As you'll hear, I first assumed that Adam was simply talking in his sleep as usual, but it soon became clear that my participation was expected.

A couple of relevant points of fact: 1) We had just come from a barbeque at which we had eaten a large amount of meat, mostly in the form of hamburger; 2) We had plans for the following evening to have our neighbors over for barbeque at our place; 3) Our neighbors are named Nick and Penny; 4) Regardless of what you may hear, Adam really does like Nick and Penny.

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STM/ADAM: There's burgers on tap. And hot dog milkshakes. It's too much. It's too much...... Molly's like a weeble. Yeah. We need to go to the park. Let's go..... You're not going.
KAREN: (finally realizing that this is not the usual one-man sleep talking show, and participation is expected) You want to go to the park?
STM/ADAM: You're not going.
KAREN: I am gonna go.
STM/ADAM: You're not going.
KAREN: I'll go.
STM/ADAM: You're not allowed to go.
KAREN: You want me to stay?
STM/ADAM: SHHHHH!! Shouting! Shhhhhh..... My mouth's dry. It's dry.
KAREN: You want a drink?
STM/ADAM: Will I be hungry?
KAREN: I think you're thirsty.
STM/ADAM: I'm hungry.
KAREN: What do you want?
STM/ADAM: Water... and cabbage. I need creamed cabbage. No.... jellybeans. Water and jellybeans. Now go. You go to the park. I'm staying on the sofa. YAAAAY! ....... Baby? Baby? Baby?! BABY!?!?
STM/ADAM: Where did you go?
KAREN: Nowhere.
STM/ADAM: M'kay. You're strange. Listen: Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, you've got to call Shit and Prickpy and tell them, don't bring burgers. No more burgers. Yes?
ADAM: (waking suddenly) Why don't you get me water? Water, please?
KAREN: O-kay...
ADAM: I'm really thirsty.
KAREN: (snorting out the held-in laughter) Um, uh-huh, okay. I'm gonna get you water now.


  1. That must have been quite the odd, funny, freaky, interesting conversation not knowing exactly "who" you were talking to Karen! Cool from my prospective though lol.

  2. Shit and Prickpy, attorneys at law? Works for me :-)

    But I'm having problems with the website - the button for listening has disappeared, leaving only the 'listen here' mp3 option. Gremlins?

  3. Hey other karen - What browser are you using?

    1. Internet Explorer. I really don't like Firefox, but I don't seem to have that problem with Firefox at all.

    2. Try using google chrome. That might work out better for you.

  4. Haha, the "sticky eyeballs" thing reminds me of my dogs. My Beagle (the alpha female) had gunky eyes and my Springer (male) licked them clean for her. It was very sweet to see, actually ^_^

  5. My favourite part is when he tells you that YOU'RE strange! :)

  6. LOL - Emma, that's exactly what I thought! Who does STM think he is calling Karen strange?

  7. When I read your comment that you couldn't hold in your laughter, I had a mouthful of tea and couldn't swallow. I feel as though I'm right there with you. Thanks for sharing.

  8. These situations are pretty common for you I guess. And that's why you should check this page. Trust me.

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