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Jul 4 2012

Hey, Happy 4th, my countrymen and women! I'm sorry not to be there to eat too many burgers and watch pretty colored lights with all of you. Instead, I'll trudge off to work through the SAME RAIN WE'VE HAD FOR A WEEK. So much for independence. Good thing I've got STM to add a little extra sunshine to my nights.
"Oh yeah. With my army of runner ducks, I'm gonna take over the world! With a waddle and a quack, and a waddle and a quack, I'm gonna rule this world. Yeah."
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And the reveal:

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ADAM: Do you think he's sitting in a nest? His secret lair is this giant nest, and he's wearing a fake beak.
KAREN: (giggles along)
ADAM: And he's in his little swivel chair, and as he turns around to face you, saying, "Ah, Mr. Bond, I'm expecting you," instead of stroking a cat, he's stroking a little duck.
ADAM: It'd be funny if he had a navy of rubber ducks. Motorized, weaponized rubber ducks... Ducks shit everywhere, that's their weapon.


  1. So instead of the penguin guy we got the mallard guy/duck guy? I can just imagine him leading an army of trained runner ducks against the city...

    Duck Guy vs Batman! :D

  2. Evil Duck versus Bond. What a duckalicous affair.

  3. I'm sure he has done the "waddle and a quack" thing before...

  4. "With a waddle and a quack" is from the Tommy Steele song about the ugly duckling!

  5. I think someone saw this:

  6. The reveals are my favorite!!!! I love to hear you and Adam muse about his alter ego.

  7. For the love of Liberty, don't throw out that container of Orange Sauce! The Free World may depend on it! Be careful where you throw those bread crumbs - you may unwittingly be aiding the Enemy!

    Remember: only Dumb Clucks help Ducks!


  8. Brings a whole new meaning to the song Rubber Ducky.

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