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Aug 29 2012

(in commentator tone) "Oh, you can feel the anticipation here at the dung beetle derby. We're just waiting for the elephants, and then it'll be go go go."

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And the reveal:

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KAREN: "So much anticipation at the dung beetle derby. We're just waiting for the elephants, and then it's go go go."
ADAM: I do like my commentary, don't I? I must be a really bad comentator, 'cause I get sent to all the shit sports.
KAREN: The farmyard roller disco. The penguin parade. And the dung beetle derby. I'd like these.
ADAM: It's like being a news anchor for a really really really small bad local TV station.


  1. i commend u on the up&coming squishfest, eeww-29 August 2012 at 20:16

    yes, it;ll be derbified; critter chaos eruption...and that's not on the dbeetle's part either...oh the squeals, no mouse underfoot here butt, lets see who'll soften the blow of just one of those landing giants in their arms with a turned up nose and cross legged to a hug, it cud further comments

  2. I'd rather watch any of those than regular sports.

  3. If they have to use more than one elephant, they must have a humongous field of contestants:

    "Aaand it's numbah 14,325 in the lead, followed by 3,068, with 27,446 coming up on the inside; 4,750, 17, 009, 64 and 18,226 leading the pack behind them - WAITAMINNIT, folks! Numbahs 768 and 21,524 have just crashed into each other, causing a mass pile-up! It's horrific, folks, there's crap all over the tracks....." 7@=Q

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