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Aug 15 2012

"You make less sense than a mouthful of cum. Accept it."

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Well, anyway, I can think of a few people who might disagree with the sentiment.

And some time in the night, we had this little exchange:

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ADAM: UH! What!
KAREN: What—
ADAM: What's going on?!
KAREN: I was just giving you a hug.
ADAM: What—
KAREN: (whining) I didn't do anything.
ADAM: There was a cold sword.
KAREN: A cold sword? Is my hand cold? I'm sorry.
ADAM: That's okay, I parried it.
KAREN: You parried it?
ADAM: Yes. I was excellent.
KAREN: Okay, come on.
ADAM: Shh. Go to sleep.
KAREN: My feet are freezing.
ADAM: Why don't you stick 'em up Molly. I mean, on Molly?
KAREN: I have been putting them on Molly.
ADAM: Well, put them on me.
KAREN: I'm trying to untie my—
ADAM: Don't make it difficult.
KAREN: You're difficult.
ADAM: Shhhhhhhhh.
KAREN: (giggles)
ADAM: What? You're laughing at "parried it" still, aren't you?
KAREN: (a single indulgent chuckle)
ADAM: I know what I'm taking about. I've done fencing.


  1. My own nights are so ordinary by comparison! Keep on sleepin', STM! And keep on listening, Karen!

  2. you guys are too ridiculously cute! this is sweet in a weird kind of way.

  3. LOLOL that conversation reminded me my husband =)
    I kind of believe many men sleep talking but few women.

  4. You've done fencing? 7@=e

    (*whispers* Right, Squire, I've got this nice jewel-encrusted scimitar here, belonged to me dear old Granny, sweet old thing, narmean? Fell off the back of a lorry - I mean Gran did, she was always that careless..... Yeah, this sheik give it to her once what fell in love with her... I wouldn't sell it for me life, only me wife and kiddies is awful hard up.... Look at them shiners, real rubies, worth a couple thousand, innit? Nod's as good as a wink, what d'you say, Squire? Won't take less than two hundred quid, I swear...) 7@=Q

  5. Ha ha Ha I like it , Thanks For my smile

  6. I should perhaps have specified, the conversation one is cute. the one about a mouth full of spunk... less cute. haha ^_^

  7. Look at them shiners, actual rubies, value a several million, innit? Nod's as excellent as a wink, what d'you say, Squire? Won't take less than two number of quid
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