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Sep 14 2012

"Every time I look at you, my rectum wants to vomit up my eyeballs."

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  1. Hmm, kind of gives a new meaning to "butt ugly"

  2. Well, Shana Tova anyway, Karen, Adam and STM

  3. I'm a sleep talker, I amuse others no end but don't get the enjoyment usually. I've been following sleeptalkingman for some time and it amuses me no end. FINALLY the other night my husband did it. So I thought I'd tell you.

    I was wide awake on the laptop and he'd been asleep for about three hours. He suddenly started slow clapping, this really tickled me so I started giggling. He started raising his arms higher whilst clapping a bit faster and by this point I was in hysterics. It slightly woke him up a bit (I don't think he was really awake) and he said 'ehh whaaat?' so I managed to laugh out 'you were just clapping in your sleep' and he replied 'yeaah I know, I was applauding Jake* for shitting in the tuna can' and promptly went back to sleep :D

    *Jake is one of our cats.

  4. Oh I want that one on a T-shirt, i know just the people to wear it around lol

  5. Your girlfriend must be loved while you sleep lolllll just kidding.

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