Some content on this page is not suitable for young eyes or faint hearts.
Views expressed by Sleep Talkin' Man rarely reflect the opinions of waking Adam.
Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


Nov 18 2009

"So many spoons. You can't have any. Cock off!"


  1. Reminds me of the Alanis Morrisette song "Isn't it Ironic" ~ "it's like 2000 spoons when all you need is a knife..."

  2. Haha, 'cock off' is such an English phrase! I thought it was just my brother and I that used it regularly though...

  3. Sioban;
    Well, once in his sleep is hardly competition for your "regularly"! Adam is too polite when awake to ever say it ....

  4. So many spoons.

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    You can't have any. Cock off!


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