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Apr 3 2010

We had success on our first night of Adam recording himself and emailing it to me in the States!

"We gotta put a mask on your chicken. You don't want to recognize it. Put glasses on it. Just to be safe."

"No. No. I WON'T make you a cup of tea. You can have a cup of my hot piss instead."

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Karen's note: I love how he sounds like a petulant child on "I won't make you a cup of tea."


  1. the petulant child thing comes up a lot. i love it too! reminds me of my husband when he's being silly.

  2. Is there a meaning to "chicken" that escapes this very middle class gramma? The lessons I have learned here have been a HUGE part of the fun!

  3. He sounds a bit like Eddie Izzard when talking about the tea...

  4. LOL at your question, wannadance!! (ya, one never knows around here :) )

    Good job on the tech stuff, Adam, and have a wonderful visit with your family, Karen! Thanks for keeping us in laughs through your travels of all sorts.

  5. I don't know about Adam, but I ALWAYS put a mask on my chicken. lol

  6. Regarding the second quote - D'ya want milk and sugar with that???

  7. Mmmm, nothing like a cup of hot piss to start the day off right...

  8. try these for size, guesswho:

    ...a little birdie said so, in his dreams ;P

  9. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer3 April 2010 at 18:22

    ...think i'm havin a hard time swallowing a cuppa smoothed out pisstachio nuts to green-
    tea tottlin' under the guise of chicken soup

    - masked in glasses to toast with; under an unrecognizable label...instead, lets call it a draw-strawwed, to this adamtastic-concoction,
    of the day...

    {psss}'s too hot to handle! piss off anyone who is served with it!!
    --- from his story-dream cellar collection
    (in whispers) ...pass it on...

    - a pissy subject to puckerabout to relieve the tension by the watercooler (=I)

  10. Please let us know if you have a problem with blogspot from the U.S. because I'm working in flyover country and couldn't save yesterday...

  11. Prof. ZzzMAN-ylizer3 April 2010 at 21:35

    Is SleepyAdam covering up a bad culinary dish gone awry since Karen is away...what is he masking it with...dare i think...

    no!'s an unrecognizable curry creation and how strange, that giant pair of black goggles in the dish...
    - requires magnifying observation of the curioukind...dare i think...

    of course, frogwee in peepeeland...a petulant child we really know...
    ...when away, thechild will

    justanather side dish to
    deemed not safe for consumption, identity withheld, after hearing the dripdrop of the prof.glasses' having fallen in to see no evil to speak of “It's better to be pissed off than pissed on.”

  12. Obviously, Adam has a hankering for that famous Venetian specialty, "Pollo all' incognito", traditionally served around Carnival time...... 7@=Q

  13. I don't know what petulant means and I'm too lazy to go look it up, but if it is similar to a pouty, defiant child, then I agree ;-)

    Glad it worked out; was worried about the size of the file not making it in the email.


  14. Funny enough picturing the chicken with Groucho glasses, nose and mustache, but then...

    no!'s an unrecognizable curry creation and how strange, that giant pair of black goggles in the dish...

    hahahahahahaha! snort!

  15. Lol that's hilarious! I don't know how you sleep.

  16. Hmmm... to Anon 01:23.

    Now I see the problem, you don't have anything more productive to do then to call other people, who you do not know, ugly names.

    Too sad.