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Nov 25 2010

"Don't trust the sweet potatoes. They'll take over the kitchen. You've got to keep an eye on them. Let them out. Don't!"

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Karen's notes: This one came out of the nest egg for Thanksgiving. Sounds frightening! Anyone want to do an illustration?

I wish all you Americans out there a lovely day of tame root vegetables. To everyone else, Happy Thursday.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Karen!!

    Thank you forkeeping up with STM's blog though we would have understood it if you had wanted to be with your family instead. God bless ya!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    I know Karen is the Northeast (Boston Area), I'm Mid-Atlantic (outside of Philly).

    We are in for a wild Turkey Day - rain is upon us - atleast it is not snow.

    Staying away from the sweet potatoes and YAMS this holiday, can't trust them :o)

    Everyone ENJOY!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you Karen and Happy Thursday to you Adam and STM!!

    and also to all the readers of STM

  4. Freezing here in Northeast Texas!! Happy Thanksgiving, Karen!!

  5. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE - from a very very cold lonely London. (come home soon Karen) - adam

  6. Happy Thanksgiving & Thursday from a chilly southern Virginia, USA!!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving from the CT shoreline! (it was just gray here - no rain yet) 7@=e

  8. Happy Thanksgiving from ATLANTA! Stay warm, Adam!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving from a very ridiculously warm Saluda North Carolina! Its 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside!

    I know what you mean about those yams, Adam! They cause furniture disease! They make your chest fall into your drawers!

    Karen will be home soon, Adam. In the meantime give Molly some extra love. As long as you have a good dog, you'll never be truly lonely!

  10. Appropos of nothing on STM, I wanted to tell you that we had Banoffee Pie for dessert Thanksgiving. I was so thrilled because it was something I'd seen on BBC America! Being a transplanted American, you were the one person I knew who would understand just odd it was to have Banoffee Pie on Thanksgiving instead of pumpkin or pecan.

  11. You MUST read "I Has a Sweet Potato."

  12. Don't trust the sweet potatoes. They'll take over the kitchen - no - no - no