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Nov 26 2010

"Oh Baby. There's always time to eat pie. Always."

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Karen's notes: This one's from the nest egg. At midnight, as I was standing in front of the fridge eating pumpkin pie straight out of the dish, it struck me as delightfully accurate.

Now, apropos of nothing, here's a little something.


  1. He's so right! Always time for pie...ANd your poem is EPIC!!!!! Robbie Burns would be proud...

  2. That poem made me laugh so hard... I think I cracked a rib!

  3. Pie in a tin?! You Americans are *weird*.

  4. STM appears to be channeling me!

  5. poem's awesome but is the i insted of I some kind of noblesse oblige?

    I'm nt evn srprsd tht smthin hd hppnd t my acct...

  6. That's fab, but I can't read it in my Irish accent, it sounds better in Scottish :) I'm imagining Ducky declaiming it!

  7. Aye, Ducky would do it proud, he would!

  8. Pie tin = pie pan - pie pans used to be made out of tin.

  9. YES! There is ALWAYS time for pie! And its cake O' clock ALL day long!

    Pumpkin pie straight from the tin, is it? Ah yes! I have done likewise many times! And God help me if my mother ever caught me!

    Here in Southern United States pumpkin pie is indeed part of the feast, but a well done Thanksgiving table MUST have a pecan pie too! Even better is an apple pie, a sweet potato pie, and a rhubarb pie! That's why the Southern Kitchen usually held a piece of furniture called a "Side Board" which held all the deserts, condiments, plates, silverware, and whatever else was needed for the feast that would not fit on the table.

  10. There's always time for pie, because, being irrational, it continues endlessly. It *will*, however, have an effect upon one's circumference...... 7@=Q

    As for the epic of the Black Turkey Massacre: I think that's what inspired the sweet potatoes in their bid for a takeover..... 7@=G

  11. Makes me think of Family Guy's "It's a Wonderful Day For Pie."

  12. you are a wonderfully twisted woman! I love the poem!

  13. And it was Cake Day yesterday (the 26th, when you posted this) too! There's always time to it pie--it can wait until after cake day!

  14. I've eaten pie out of the pie tin/pan - when it was the last slice. Why dirty up a plate?

    I'm allergic to cinnamon so no pumpkin pie for me. At least until someone can come up with a recipe that spices the pumpkin without cinnamon. (That's one of the ingredients in pumpkin pie spice.)

    Allergies suck.

    And pecan? BLECH!

    It was chocolate pie for me.