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Apr 9 2011

"Watching you think is like watching a cat shovel shit with two broken paws. Painful, but I just can't stop watching."

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Karen's notes: Nice image, STM. Thanks.


  1. That is such a cruel image! STM most really hate other people.

  2. How on earth do you come up with these things?

  3. Not even a comedian could come up with this kind of stuff while being awake.

  4. @Syn - You mean like the entire cast of Jersey Shore?

  5. Oh good grief! I thought that Synfullyblond had either moved on to creep out and bug some other group of people ... or had checked herself in somewhere. .... PLEASE, if you're going to post, at LEAST make the comments in some way relevant to the post. Thx.

    And STM -- This one is just totally awful! Poor cat!!

  6. Poor poor cat!

    Course, that brings to mind the though, how on earth did that cat break two paws..... and then I get sad because I don't want to think about cats with broken paws

    And Kati, today it appears the STM blog troll does make a little sense, because STM is implying that the person thinking is stupid. I know, I am stretching it a bit.....

  7. His sleeptalk is also the cure for my insomnia...I'll just repeat whatever he says over and over until my brain collapses!

  8. if you dont think my comment is relevant maybe it applies to you lol

  9. trolls calling another a troll..not very logical but then if you look at the earlier post i made it explains why lol

  10. I actually got to use this one, in it's entirety, last night when a friend was trying to successfully unite a ball on a string with it's cup. THanks STM, I looked incredibly witty and droll

  11. You must remember it is a metaphorical cat, not an actual cat. Perhaps a cousin of Schrödinger's cat.

  12. Oh yea very good grief! I figured that will Synfullyblond got sometimes moved on in order to creep out along with annoy another population group ... or perhaps experienced examined their self in anywhere. .... Make sure you, if you are likely to publish, a minimum of make the feedback for some reason strongly related the actual post. Thanks.

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