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May 19 2011

"Your vagina. It feels like home."

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Oh, he finally said something nice... I think?

Merch news: I've got a few new things coming into the shops, just in time for a great promo! You'll find I bet you wish you could wear a onesie (finally!), Disco ain't dead, and later today, I'm not waving at you. Buy 'em all!

On a entirely unrelated note, Google Ads never ceases to amuse me. It really does do it's best to figure out what ads to put on your page, based on the keywords it picks up. Today, I'm seeing "Is Your Husband Cheating? New Software To Tap His Cell Phone No access to his phone required."


  1. Please tell me this is going to become merch!

  2. Could you please print this on condoms? I bet people would but a ton of them!

  3. Andreas B - That's an awesome idea!

  4. I see an ad for baby diapers!

  5. The baby diapers suggestion is a bit out of the comfort zone. I think the condoms are a superb plan. I hope it is possible.

  6. I'm pretty sure that's a Californication line, most probably in the episode where Hank goes down on the wrong lady. does STM see it?

  7. I think that would make a great ringtone actually. You'd always know who's calling, and everyone else would give you those fablious dot dot dot looks.

  8. I bought the Disco shirt! Too bad that 2X is the largest it comes in though. While I fit in 2X, I prefer 3X, I like my clothing baggy so I don't look like one of those women from People Of Walmart!