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June 26 2011

"Your social life and the Bermuda Triangle are pretty much the same thing. Total mysteries and devoid of life. Now get the fuck out. Go play in the playground with the others."

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So, is STM criticizing the social life of a seven-year-old?
"Who do you think you are, coming in here with your pink blancmange. You and your classy ways."
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I was utterly baffled by this one. Thankfully, Adam was able to educate me about the blancmange. And here's a lovely image of a pink one. Looks to me like a jell-o mold:


  1. I learned about the blancmange from an old Monty Python sketch where a giant one played tennis against a Scotsman. Very educational!

  2. That's so funny, about the blancmange! My husband has to give me a shot in the rear every night, and yesterday he said it made him think of a blancmange. (Insult, or no?) Being American, I had no idea what that was!

    1. Oh, I just can't imagine what you are talking about!!!?

  3. @Anon - Me too! Alien Blancmanges who turned everyone in the world - except for two people who turn out to be aliens too - into Scotsmen so they could win Wimbledon!

    In fact - here's part one -

    part two -

    and part three -

  4. I learned them from Little Women by Alcott. One of the girls takes somebody one.

  5. Tastes pretty much like a rubber jelly (jell-o) mould (mold) too.

    Used to have it once a week for pudding at school. I say have it, it went in my bowl, not in my mouth. It was the headmaster's (principal's) favourite though, so we were stuck with it.

  6. If it isn't white (Blanc) would it not be a Pinkmange?
    The link to wikipedia was very informative.

  7. the blancmange "statement", like so many others so often, is really "made" by the vocalization at the end of it, like a bit of aural punctuation.

  8. no one but me is old enough to remember the 80s band Blancmange and their hit "Living on the Ceiling" (#7 in 1982, according to the internet). I still love that song!

  9. Did anyone else notice the sounds at the end of the of the Blancmange quote?

    I get the image of STM sticking his finger in and having a taste... and being pleasantly surprised.

  10. Maybe he's echoing something he heard as a child. Again.
    Is his job something to do with writing? The constant references to how strong his words are.

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