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July 11 2011

"Put Mr. Squidly down! How DARE you try and milk him! Come on, Mr. Squidly. Let me put you back in your tank. Aw, it's okay. Why don't you hug my arm. Yeah, use all your little tentacles. There there. Everything's gonna be okay. He's only a douche."

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Poor Mr. Squidly.


  1. Hahahahahaha! How dare you try and milk him!

  2. Oh tentacle love...

  3. I feel like a song....

  4. ive seen enough hentai to know where this is going

  5. Wow one of my new favorites ty STM

  6. in a sea of blue hues12 July 2011 at 08:10

    cud it be Adam sleeptalkers' kindler-gentler
    side to The Rescue with - them; them bullies!

    a frightful squidfishly out of water,
    and now inking outa new BF,F? tankfully!
    just fishin' a possibility there; ...there,

    is it Sat. yet?

  7. Milking Mr. Squidly? The utter CHEEK of the bastard! NO MEANS NO!!!! *sigh*

    Maybe we can get the hamsters to do him a nice soothing tune on the One Octave Chromatic Hamsterphone. That should soothe him.

    We could let him join the iguanas at their tea party, but tender tentacles could be scalded by the brew!

    Perhaps a bit of cannabis! Ah! Cannabis! Too bad there's no way to keep it lit! Oh well! More for me, I suppose!

  8. Oh, my. I am here thinking on what were they doing to the poor Mr. Squidly.

    As someone already said, this one is my year's favourite.

  9. I find this strangely comforting.

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  11. Karin, Adam - Love your escapades. Is this still going on today (April 2018)? Your sleep talkin habits. Maybe it is time to buy melatonin uk and get yourself some well deserved sleep without waking up. Good luck to your family.

    The Melatonin Man :)