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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


July 25 2011

"It's too quiet in here. Make some noise. Preferably, the cheering for me kind of noise. Yeah, that's better."

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"Fuck monkeeeeeeey... Dish it out! Noodle style."
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And here's Adam's awakening (in response to me softly stroking his head), followed by a thoughtful comparison of our respective vernaculars:

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KAREN: Which kind of mole, the animal, or the thing on your skin?
ADAM: I don't know what you're talking about. It was a manimal.
KAREN: A manimal?
ADAM: Yeah. Flopped onto my head.
KAREN: A mole flopped onto your head?
ADAM: I was in a cave, and it must have been burrowing, and it fell from the roof of the cave. I need to pee, really badly.
KAREN: Okay, go pee.
ADAM: I'm so tired, I may just pee here.
KAREN: Do you realize you say "pee" instead of "wee" now?
ADAM: It sounds nicer.
KAREN: I like it better, actually.
ADAM: I've been saying "poop"
KAREN: Yeah.
ADAM: Poop! Poop!
KAREN: Pooooop!
ADAM: Poop pooooop!
KAREN: Yeah, it's like being on a nice train.
ADAM: Poop train's pulling out of the station!
KAREN: Oh no! I think I might have to put this conversation on the blog.
ADAM: I've got a one-way ticket on the poop train!


  1. I wonder what kind of noise the people STM was talking to made to make him happy.

  2. LOVE the laugh :) thank you guys for making each day a little brighter ;)

  3. OMG! The poop train...I could see that on a onesie!

  4. You guys are toooooooo fun!!

  5. There's another kind of mole as well: it's a large construction machine made for digging tunnels.

  6. Hahahah! The ad on this page as I'm listening to the poop train conversation is this: Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger Tshirts Hundreds of sizes (really??) & styles.

  7. I sure hope that ticket is only one way D:

  8. The problem with poop trains is that they often don't run on time. Now Pirate STM is lucky - he has his own poop deck! 7@=Q

    And - "Manimal"? Has Adam been watching old TV shows from the '80's?

    BTW: there's yet another kind of "mole": a wharf, jetty or breakwater in a harbor....

  9. Then there's also the mole, as in an agent or informant. Then there's the unit of atomic measurement, but that's spelled differently.

  10. The conversations you two have are the best part of this blog!