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July 24 2011

"Goddamnit, I'm gonna have to double brown bag your fucking ugly face now."

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"My moose don't moo. It's a mute moose. I am not amused."
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Check out that alliteration. How very Dr. Seussian. Incidentally, there appears to be a pattern emerging here. Cast your mind back to June 4.


  1. I found that second one very amoosing.

  2. Groan @ marlon. *giggle

    Haven't listened to them yet; but that second one is hard to say quickly lol.

  3. If you're not amused by a mooless, mute moose,
    It's likely your mute moose's mooer is loose.
    So move to his mooer, and give it a goose,
    And your moose a most musical moo will produce! 7@=Q

  4. I wanna marry a sleep talkin' man too...Where do I get one? ahah

    Brilliant :)

  5. The works of LA/wts needs to be published immediately.

  6. Amoosing indeed. XD
    Apropos of nothing... I think y'all did something with sloths once, and if you haven't seen it already I thought I'd show you this video.

  7. I think both of the moose quotes would go great together on the same t-shirt; along with LA's poem - are we sure Ted Geisel is dead? Trivia - what was Theodor Geisel's middle name?

  8. Theodore Giesel's middle name was Seuss. He was Dr. Seuss.

    Anyway, sounds like STM has been watching VeggieTales again! It's not a moose, but there is a "mute cebu." So, hey, why not? After all, there are other strange animal things in the show.

    See? A mute cebu!