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Especially the desire to exterminate all vegetarians (but he does hate lentils.)


July 28 2011

"Pygmy goat herding sucks. I've got this fucking teacup pig for a ride, and they just all laugh at me. Fucking mini bearded bitches."

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This needs an illustration.

And we got some more of those funny sounds:

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Karen's notes: Apologies in advance if the audio sounds like it has skips and other weirdness. The player I use seems to be having issues today.


  1. I don't mean to alarm you, but your husband may be turning into a furry. :3

  2. illustration indeed... in fact, i demand it!

  3. Haha! I just looked up teacup pigs...

  4. Has anyone else realized that STM has mentioned an animal for six days in a row now?!

  5. I didn't notice it was 6 days in a row, but I did notice he has been mentioning farm animals a lot. First ponies, then horses, now pigs and goats?
    I want to see chickens next. Chickens are always funny.
    Hey Adam, tell your subconscious to mention chickens!

  6. He did chickens already - granted, he was talking about eating them. But still chickens have been done.

    I think it's time to move on from the farm. I'd love to see some magical creatures instead. Unicorns, dragons, manticores, maybe the occasional centaur, a gryphon or two.

  7. Well of course pygmy goat herding would suck if you're doing it with a teacup pig! You're supposed to use trained Guinea pigs, riding in chariots pulled by wiener dogs!

    It's a well-known fact that nothing puts a pygmy goat in the mood to travel like a buck-toothed rodent riding an a rig drug by wiener dog!

    Cannabis..... Ah!.... Cannabis...!

  8. @JamiSings: It's a tempting idea; but if you let STM loose in a mythological menagerie, you can't hold him responsible for the consequences... 7@=Q

  9. I'm trying to find myself, have you seen me anywhere?

  10. @LA/wts - True. Knowing STM he'd be serving up unicorn steak and dragon eggs for breakfast.

  11. I've been checking out your blog now for the last month,and I have to say it is pure genius. Always makes me laugh. Thanks from Norway

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