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Aug 10 2011

"Ladies and gentlemen, please remember to put your oxygen mask on first, followed by your favorite child."

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"Put your lemons away. Put them away! Did you not hear about the lemon law? This is serious!"
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There actually is a "lemon law" in the States, having to do with the sale of used cars that fall apart once you drive away. Although, that said, Adam swears he had never heard of it before.


  1. I'm imagining STM wearing an oxygen mask and his favourite child (maybe as a stole around his neck?)...

  2. "Ladies and gentlemen, please remember to put your oxygen mask on first, followed by your favorite child."

    This should be epitomised on a T-Shirt

  3. Fabulous.
    Love your work. Love your husbnad.

  4. Often a problem, when you visit a Citron dealership.

  5. Lol, I'm glad I'm not the only one envisioning stm with both an oxygen mask and a child on his self

  6. if there is a list of what you don't want to hear on an airplane.... that first one will be near the top of that list... no doubt!

  7. Karen, we need to find a way to make STM into SWM (Sleep Walkin' Man) to get out there and sort out these riots!

  8. Love it.

    Btw, Sleep Talkin Man, thought you might find this interesting...

  9. Re: Lemons

    Are you sure STM isn't channeling Portal 2 audio? (Uh, Portal 2 possible spoilers below, obviously):


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  11. I fly a 747 and just came across the "favourite child" comment. That's got to be about the funniest thing I've heard all week. Can't wait to tell the other pilots about this one...

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