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Aug 7 2011

"Oi! God! Shut the fuck up and listen to me."

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Karen's notes: This post has been pre-scheduled. We're off glamping on a goat farm!


  1. Yes! Take that, God.

  2. What did god say when STM arrived to the pearly gates?

    - Finally! Just that guy I've been waiting for. Now I can finally retire.

  3. what is "glamping"?

  4. How do we know it's really the god God STM is talking to? Maybe he's talking to someone who thinks they're god like some cult leader or rock star. Or maybe he's talking to actors who have played God like George Burns or Morgan Freeman.

    Or maybe STM is actually talking to Adam who would be STM's god since there would be no STM without Adam.

  5. @Anon -

  6. Ha ha ha! Telling God off... only STM would do that. Only STM. ;)

  7. @Lora - Actually I tell God off all the time. Just because He/She is God doesn't mean we can't get mad at Him/Her from time to time.

    Plus, I can just be a bitch.

  8. I had to look up "Glamping" too. I hope its not the 4th definition on Urban Dictionary. Yikes!

  9. wow, nice post . keep writing for us

  10. LMAO! I'm a little late in reading the posts as I've been so busy, but...this quote...*shakes head* I swear STM was in my head recently. I had an argument with my boyfriend on Sunday (our first fight) and I was sooooo saying this to him in my head! He wouldn't listen to me, or let me talk! So annoying!
    Thanks STM...I needed the laugh ;)