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Aug 8 2011

"Fuck. Tits! Shit, I brought the wrong shit! It's shower-hat Wednesday, not cracker-pants Thursday. Bollocks! I really like shower-hat Wednesday. I've got the best. It's so pretty... These cracker-pants give me nasty chaffing… Oh, I shoulda put margarine on them! Lubricate the cracker bits. Yes, yes, yes…"

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Karen's notes: This post has been pre-scheduled. We're off glamping on a goat farm!


  1. Much better fashion advice/rules than the so called 'fashion world'

  2. Margarine to lubricate... hahaha!

    Y'know, the first two words made me think STM was gonna do a Boondock Saints parody. ;)

  3. I reckon STM says "bollocks" as in UK slang for testicles rather than "bullocks" :)

  4. It explains it better than I could!

  5. Margarine on cracker pants? That's a common faux pas: one should properly use cheese spread - a light cream cheese for office wear, or a fine Camembert for formal occasions...... 7@=Q

  6. What. The. Hell... Haha...

  7. My friend and I imagine that these are the thoughts in his brain while he is out and about.

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