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Jan 30 2012

"Oh, humanity. You can go suck my fat hairy balls. I made you and I can break you whenever I want. See that? That's free will too, you know. I created that too."

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Well, we've gone off to Costa Rica to volunteer at a sloth sanctuary. But do not despair, for I have pre-scheduled posts!

And, as a special bonus, you'll get a daily dose of sloth. Like this:


  1. STM is God? Well, he has always had high thoughts of himself.


    2. "The word was also used to describe actions of those who challenged the gods or their laws, especially in Greek tragedy, resulting in the protagonist's fall."

  2. The best picture ever! STM is funny, but sloths beats him anytime. Thanks!

  3. "A Bradypus, or Sloth am I; I live a life of ease;
    Contented not to do or die, but idle as I please.
    I have three toes on either foot, or half a doz. on both;
    With leaves and shoots and fruits to eat, how sweet to be a Sloth!

    The world is such a cheerful place, when viewed from upside down:
    It makes a rise of every fall; a smile of every frown;
    I watch the fleeting flutter-by of butterfly or moth,
    And think of all the things I'd try, if I were not a Sloth.

    I could climb the very highest Himalayas;
    I could be among the very greatest tennis players;
    Win at chess, or marry a Princess,
    Or study hard and be an Eminent Professor;
    I could be a millionaire,
    Play the clarinet, travel everywhere;
    Learn to cook, catch a crook;
    Win a war and write a book about it!
    I could paint a Mona Lisa; I could be another Caesar:
    Compose an oratorio that was sublime!
    The door's not shut on my Genius, but
    I just don't have the time.....

    For days and days among the trees, I sleep and dream and doze:
    Just gently swaying in the breeze, suspended by my toes;
    While eager Beavers overhead rush through the undergrowth,
    I watch the clouds beneath my feet....... how sweet - to be - a - Sloth!"
    - Flanders & Swann 7@=e

  4. He looks like he's smiling! I hope you love your time in the sloth sanctuary! :)

  5. Well You might want to know that somebody is really crazy about sloths:

  6. I totally read this as "my fairy balls", and giggle fits were had.

  7. I don't know if I feel better or worse knowing STM is God. I suppose time will tell. Meanwhile, if I'm nice to sloths and keep elephant things only in elephant trunks, perhaps STM will be merciful.

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