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Jan 5 2012

"Now I'm going to batter you to death with chicken drumsticks! It'll be really messy, but I'm going to enjoy every hour of it."

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"Hey! That's MY bag of hair. Get your own! And stay away from the zoo, I'm going there next."
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And the ensuing discussion:

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KAREN: It's very strange that you said that, because I had a conversation—
ADAM: A REAL conversation about bags of hair?
ADAM: Get away!
KAREN: Yesterday afternoon, with Mark at work, we had a conversation about how much Molly sheds, and he was telling me how you can collect your pet's hair for a really long time, and then bring it to someone and they will knit it into a sweater.
ADAM: You will have a Molly sweater?
KAREN: Yes. BUT, the most amazing thing is that you said that—
ADAM: You never told me that discussion.
KAREN: No! Isn't that crazy?!
ADAM: STM can read your mind!


  1. The fact his unconscious self can read your mind is actually a little creepy... :|

  2. no, it isn't. he's just using the knowledge for a greater good

  3. I laughed at both, but mostly by Adam's last line: STM can read your mind! ;D Now, that's a scary thought.

  4. That pet hair sweater idea is beyond disgusting, but the quotes are funny as usual.

  5. you brighten up my day at work!

  6. Hah.... putting on a dog haired jumper and my allergies would literally ignite. Hilariously puffy idea.

  7. Yes, people make stuff with shed pet hair.

    However, hair is also good for your garden. Seriously. It makes wonderful fertilizer.

  8. o'death becomes me, battered 'n bruised skewered5 January 2012 at 19:05

    that's so koouol Karen, STmanatismic-meeting of the minds-mindbending.the.waves.of.telepathy,
    (laugh track)
    good golly oh! Molly! towards the upcoming trendsetting-personalizing and uniquely one's own emphasizing treasure...

    three beat figure - 2 sixteenths and a quarter note [the quarter note being the downbeat]. The 2 sixteenths are on the snare, the quarter note is bass drum and crash.

    "ba-dum-bum-CHING", drumroll+rimshot crash cymbal tom-tom-kick, a "Ba Da Bing".-oomph kentuckyfried snares! to that artform'n tried idea, finger lookin' hairbaga...flyin'fur ballzayarn

  9. Literally within one minute previous to coming here now; I WAS TALKING ABOUT THIS TOO! I had just been combing my cat... SPOOOOOOKY!

  10. Yeah: this is where I think "STM - The Movie" would start turning into a horror film..... 7@=Q

  11. Probably shouldn't mention that I actually am in possesion of several bags of animal hair (the shed-out strands of horses tails to be exact), and I would be very angry if someone tried to take them from me! If you take the time to sort through the hair and arrange it into a switch (think of it as extensions for horses) you can sell it for several thousand dollars!

  12. I know this is an old post. but interestingly enough both hair and animal dung (as in the kind you would acquire from a zoo), are used in hot compost. The kind of composting gardeners do. And it takes some effort to get your hands on.