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Jan 6 2012

"I'll have a baby on the rocks. Yeah… What the fuck is this? Seriously?! A baby smoothie?! What the fuck, barkeeper, I asked for a baby on the rocks. Baby, rocks. Simple. Goddamnit, people. A baby on the rocks."

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Personally, I could really go for a baby smoothie right now.


  1. Hahahahaha! Brilliant! :D Wonder what you would get if you went into a bar an asked for a baby on the rocks. ;)

  2. averting more F-bombs--- in this joint ! burp.(xy) .XcuzeahMoi6 January 2012 at 16:57

    there's no pleasin' this tall'n dreamy short order...nothin' too small or pint size...NO, he wants a megababe, vite-vite, on the rocks, stirred and swizzled; smooth sailin' this intoxicating drink to the sounds of baby, baby, baby ooOh! or was that the KISS principle, no complexitease about it, keepin' it re-al, peepals.

  3. as the world turns, (so do the wheels)6 January 2012 at 18:16

    Rock a bye...bye, bye Baby, baby... goodbye, ---
    [hello sequel]; STM's got his groove back,
    the baby's back and ribbing him on...
    barkeeps keepin tabs...
    rockin and rollin,
    non the house,
    bottoms up..
    you rock!
    (he told us so)

  4. no me for a day,
    and you fire all the rays
    intergalactic tractor beams
    and death-start laser streams.

    try Charles next time.

    but I rather took the left turn this morning
    in front of that lapt
    just like you did.
    on the street.

    feels good, eh?
    what a pathetic revenge.
    I just wanted to teach you
    something new.

    how did it feel?

    how did it fell?
    the baby off the rock
    white cliffs of dover
    Taigetos I mean.

  5. Well, he had to disguise the fact that they were out of single womb babies, and had to use a blended baby instead...... 7X=Q

  6. Did he put the baby in the blender feet first so he could see the expression on its face?

  7. haha barkingless7 January 2012 at 14:05

    THIS is was a good one

  8. You should make him watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and see what he says during his sleep :P

  9. LOL
    Can't believe this is still going?!

    Harmless enough I suppose and it seems quite a lot of folks get enjoyment from it.
    It's based on a lie though, and I just can't help finding that pretty repellant

  10. dear Anonymous at 18:059 January 2012 at 10:20

    if your life wasn't a lie, you would have no problem with this thing. don't take yourself that seriously - for your own good.

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