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May 21 2011

"The noodles are coming! Stand by your chopsticks. Steady the miso… Steady… Don't do anything until you see the whites of their strands."

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A recurring theme: noodles as aggressors! Remember this?
"History is exciting! There's sex and explosions."
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I suppose that's one way to keep the students in your history class interested. And then, we had another round of those funky sounds:

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  1. Oh...My...God...! That first one... The way he said it, the punctuation and everything, I was suddenly reminded of Star Wars Episode 1, when the great battle start between the gungans and the droid army. :P
    The first one for an apron, please, and the second for t-shirt! ;)

  2. Maybe my all-time favorite! The first t-shirt I bought as a gift was a toss-up (which is better than getting toss-up on your shirt) between the noodle-dumpling-boat and the duck on the swing, but my step-son preferred the duck. They may still be my top two, and I'm pretty sure I've read them all. You'd be flattered if you knew how inconsistent I am with everything else, and that I don't even like normal blogs, vs. how faithful I am to you. Lora was right, T-shirts.

  3. Oooh...sexplosions! even better ;-P

    Anyhoo, I can't listen to the audio right now as I've got little ears present...and I tend to listen to more than just today's I'll check it out later...

    Star Wars reference!!! Love it! :-)


  4. I love these!
    And wow, he got in a Revolutionary War reference. I'm impressed. (It's to the first "serious" battle, where the US commander ordered not to fire at the British till they could see the whites of their eyes). Of course, he probably has no clue about that, but it's kind of funny. =p

  5. The first one should definitely be in a ramen restaurant's commercial! Flood the noodles with miso! Round them up with chopsticks! (btw, does Adam like eating noodles/ramen?)

  6. Anyone else find it funny that he references a battle in which the British were the enemy? Sure it's noodles and miso and chopsticks, but I think the irony is there.

    I love the second one too. I was a history major in college, so that one had me in giggles (as did the first one). I would totally wear a shirt with that saying(or drink from a mug with it)!

  7. How in the world did he make that weird whistling noise?

  8. Was Adam lying on one of Molly's squeezie toys? That >ee-oo< sounded like that - and then STM replied by cuckooing to replicate it.
    Almost as good as the sleep talking with aliens, though. :-)

  9. Actually, I had a History professor who kept our attention with "Sex and concubines" when we started a new chapter! It's what kept everyone awake! She was the best!

  10. Battle of New Orleans Lyrics:

    In eighteen-fourteen we took a little trip
    Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip'
    We took a little bacon and we took a little beans,
    And we fought the bloody British in the town of New Orleans.

    (We fired our guns and the British kept a comin'
    There warn't nigh as many as there was a while a-fo'
    We fired once more and they began t' runnin'
    Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico)

    We looked down the river and we seed the British come
    There must've been a hundred of 'em beatin' on the drum
    They stepped so high and they made the bugles ring
    We stood beside the cotton bales and didn't say a thing
    (We fired our guns...

    Old Hickory said we could take 'em by surprise
    If we didn't fire our muskets till we looked 'em in the eyes,
    We held our fire till we seed their faces well
    Then we opened up our squirrel guns and really gave 'em ... Well,
    (We fired our guns...

    Yeah they ran through the briars
    And they ran through the brambles
    And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn't go
    They ran so fast that the hounds couldn't catch 'em
    Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico!

    Well we fired our cannon till the barrels melted down
    So we grabbed an alligator and we fought another round;
    We filled his head with cannonballs and powdered his behind
    And when we touched the powder off that 'gator lost his mind!
    (We fired our guns and the British kept a comin'...
    (Yeah they ran through the briars...
    We fired our guns and the British started runnin'
    Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico)

  11. P.S. re above;
    The war had actually ended by treaty when that battle occurred, but the message ships hadn't reached Washington, much less the lower Mississippi yet, so no one knew.

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